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January 2017

26 January at 09:00

Isothermal calorimetry on biological and non-biological samples – the real trick is imagination

Lecture Professor Lars Wadsö, from the Department of Building and Environmental Technology at the Faculty of Engineering, LTH of Lund University in Sweden, will present the application of a method that can be useful in many scientific and technological research projects.

26 January at 14:00–16:00

Academic Support Walk-in Service

Other Writing tutors are available to answer your writing-related questions. Study skills tutors can talk to you about, e.g., reading and note-taking techniques. Librarians can provide assistance with questions concerning citing and searching for information.

27 January at 09:00

Sofie Ekestubbe - Molecular Biology

Dissertation Effects of LcrV and YopN on translocation regulation in the T3SS.

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