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Molecular snapshots of oxygen formation in photosynthesis

Researchers from Umeå University have explored two different ways that allow unprecedented experimental insights into the reaction sequence leading to the formation of oxygen molecules in photosynthes...

Interlayer distance in graphite oxide gradually changes when water is added

Physicists from Umeå University and Humboldt University in Berlin have solved a mystery that has puzzled scientists for half a century. They show with the help of powerful microscopes that the distanc...

Bring your body into action in tomorrow's digital world

Computers restricts the possibilities to use the physical abilities of our human bodies and this is a fundamental problem for our health. Farid Abedan Kondori has studied how to use media technology t...

Noble visit by Chemistry Laureate

Professor Michael Levitt, one of the 2013 three Nobel laureates in Chemistry, is visiting Umeå University on Thursday June 5 to lecture on his discoveries . “I want to visit the north of Sweden for i...

Umeå school pupils in “treasure hunt” using Google Glass

On the 27th of May, 13-year-old Elvira Paulsson and 15-year old Axel Lindwall will be testing Google Glass as part of the research project #tagga2014. The two Umeå students will be trying to solve cha...

Nobel laureate in chemistry to visit Umeå University

Professor Michael Levitt, one of the three 2013 Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry, will be visiting Umeå University on Thursday 5 June to lecture on his discoveries. He was invited by Uwe Sauer, who ha...

Over 1 million downloads of research publications

During 2013, there were more than one million downloads of articles, dissertations, reports and theses from Umeå University's institutional repository for research publications and student theses (DIV... New mailing address for supporting documents

From 12 May, please submit your supporting documents to University Admissions in Sweden to their new mailing address. Mail will be forwarded from our old address in Stroemsund to Frösön for the next t...

Umeå School of Architecture student receives ‘Global Swede’ award

Ali Reza Dossal, master’s degree student at the Umeå School of Architecture of Umeå University, received the 2014 Global Swede diploma at a ceremony in Stockholm on 12 May. The special recognition is...

All-time high number of exchange student applications to Umeå University

A total of 586 students have applied to study on exchange at Umeå during the autumn 2014 term or the entire 2014/15 academic year. This is a new record high and an increase of 13 per cent in comparis...

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