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Fashion designers make smart collection in new digital textile lab

In Sliperiet’s state-of-the-art innovation environment in Umeå, designer Minna Palmqvist and artist Ricardo O’Nascimento will explore in what direction textile creation can be taken by the use of new ...

Highest ranking for UPSC Berzelii Centre for Forest Biotechnology

An international evaluation committee ranks Berzelii Centre for Forest Biotechnology at the Umeå Plant Science Centre with top marks. The Berzelii centre, which has been built up by funding from Vinno...

Breakthrough enables ultra fast transport of electrical charges in polymers

A research team at Umeå University has showed, for the first time, that a very efficient vertical charge transport in semiconducting polymers is possible by controlled chain and crystallite orientatio...

Essential research at Kunskapsnoden 2016

How is an including society created? What can be done about increasing obesity? Will there be sufficient food in the future? How can peace be reached worldwide? These are topics covered at Kunskapsnod...

Major increase in applications to international master’s programmes

The number of applicants for international master’s programmes at Umeå University starting in autumn 2016 have dramatically increased by 67% in this year’s application round, to 7,700 students. This i...

New methods for more energy-efficient internet services

Billions of people use the internet, which requires huge data centres and results in an enormous energy consumption. In her doctoral dissertation at Umeå University, Mina Sedaghat has developed techni...

Soil frost affects greenhouse gas emissions in the Arctic

Soil frost is a nearly universal process in the Arctic. In a recent dissertation by doctoral student Marina Becher at Umeå University, it is shown that the frequency and extent of soil frost is import...

Grand opening of café in the MIT Building

On Monday 18 January, the café Mitum, run by Umeå Student Union of Science and Technology (NTK), holds its grand opening. Moving the café to the central open atrium area is a first step for the new in...

Hans Adolfsson recommended as new Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University

The Hearing Assembly at Umeå University has approved the Board of Directors’ suggested candidate, Hans Adolfsson, as the new Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University, when current Vice-Chancellor Lena Gusta...

Science: CRISPR-Cas9 elected Breakthrough of the Year 2015

Every year in December, the staff of the scientific journal Science singles out a significant development or achievement as the Breakthrough of the Year. This year’s winner is the genome-editing techn...

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