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March 2018

23 March–28 March

Hi/stories of Change - Exhibition

Other This project came from a partnership between UID, Svenska Samernas Riksförbund and Sami Duodji. The exhibition examines stories that emerge in the meeting between diverse cultures and communities. The project explores decolonizing perspectives on design in search for culturally diverse sustainable futures.

27 March at 13:00–14:30

Understanding differences in performance between AR- and CMR-students

Seminar We present results from a study where students have been filmed during training and test sessions in the LICR-project. Analysis of quantitative data (test scores) and qualitative data (video and interviews) are combined to understand differences in performance.

April 2018

6 April at 10:00

Biyue Tan - Ecology

Dissertation Genomic selection and genome-wide association studies to dissect quantitative traits in forest trees.

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