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October 2017

24 October at 13:00–14:30

The transfer of knowledge

Seminar The seminar reports on a study comparing students’ ability to transfer knowledge (to a posttest) depending on whether students during practice were provided with a problem-solving method or if they needed to construct a method.

24 October at 13:15–14:30

Amerikanska medel

Seminar There are a number of federal and private foundations in America to apply grants from. We explore different possibilities how to proceed, and provide practical advice and tips. (In English.)

25 October at 12:15–13:00

How and When do I Quote, Summarize or Paraphrase?

Lecture Quoting, summarizing and paraphrasing allow you to incorporate into your paper what others have to say about a particular topic. Summarizing and paraphrasing also enable you to demonstrate your understanding of a text. This lecture explains the differences among these three ways and shows you how each one may be useful in different circumstances.

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