Calendar of events

October 2018

7 December–15 December

Exhibition: A Future Domestic Landscape in 2037

Exhibition Imagine domestic life in the future, 20 years from now. A lot of things will be similar, some things will be very different. Experience the 'Future Domestic Landscape Expo' provided by the students of the IxD programme. The exhibition opens on Dec 7 with designers present. The expo will also be open from 9:00-17:00 on Dec 11-15.

13 December at 14:00–15:00

Lecture with 2017 chemistry prize laureate: Jacques Dubochet

Lecture Professor Jacques Dubochet, one of three people awarded the 2017 Nobel prize in chemistry, visits Umeå University to give a lecture titled The science that gave me a Nobel prize and the science that didn’t. The lecture in English is free and open to the public.