Admission and selection

Who can apply to the doctoral courses?

The courses are mainly for PhD student at the Faculty of Science and Technology at Umeå University (who can take the courses without charge). Students from other faculties or postdocs may get access to the courses if there aren’t enough applicants. But note that, participants that are not from the Faculty of Science and Technology will be charged with the course fee. For more information, please contact Lisa Hed.

Admission and selection

The application procedure starts after the application deadline. Then there are two outcomes

  • If the course is full, a selection is made from applicants based on when you were accepted to your doctoral studies, if you have applied to the course before etc. You will get information by mail if you are accepted to the course or not.
  • If the course is not full, the application period may be extended. If the number of applicants isn’t enough, the course will be cancelled.

Note that: if you get accepted to the course, you have to accept/decline your place on the course (following the instructions in the mail). If you do not accept your place before the specified date then the course place is given to the next person on the reserve list.

Note that: when you send in your application you shall fill in the name and contact information to your supervisor. He/she will then have to approve your participation on the course.

After finished course

After you have finished a doctoral course you will get a certificate sent to you via the university internal mail. Show this certificate to the administrator at your department to get the credits registered in LADOK. If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Hed.