Doctoral studies in the subjects of Applied Physics, Applied Electronics and Energy Technology

Research at the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics spans over a wide area through the third-cycle subjects of Applied Physics, Applied Electronics and Energy Technology. We currently have just over 25 doctoral students, about a third of which are internationally recruited.

Our third-cycle programme gives the doctoral students the opportunity to conduct technical and basic research in the areas of applied physics, applied electronics, control engineering, signal processing, medical engineering, energy engineering, thermal process chemistry and energy efficiency.

Within these areas we work with, for example, wireless networks, media signals, image analysis and interaction design, mathematical models for sensing, visualisation, prediction and control of real-world systems, robotics, and resonance sensor technology for medical diagnosis. We also conduct research on energy use and energy consumption in buildings and thermochemical energy conversion, such as for example combustion, gasification or pyrolysis of biomass.

The research conducted in our research teams has a very international character and occurs in cooperation with many other researchers and institutions around the world.

We make use of a wide spectrum of theoretical and experimental methods. For example, mathematical, physical and chemical modelling; everything from relatively small-scale experiments in a number of well-equipped laboratories through pilot plants to trials in industrial full-scale plants.

The doctoral studies also includes a course component that provides basic knowledge related to research, also including courses such as research methodology, oral and written presentation, ethics and project management. An important feature of the programme is the presentation of your own scientific works at national and international conferences.

The goal of the department's third-cycle programme is to educate doctoral students to the highest standards with regard to both scientific as well as personal development.

Research at the Department of Applied Physics and Electronics


Director of PhD-studies

Britt Andersson
Institutionen för tillämpad fysik och elektronik/Department of Applied Physics and Electronics

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