Doctoral studies in Computing Science, and Computational Science and Engineering

We offer third-cycle programmes in a broad range of specializations in the field of Computing Science. The programmes are intended to instruct the student in research on a high international level, in collaboration with other researchers in Sweden and abroad, and to present the research and findings in a convincing manner. The group of doctoral students usually consists of up to 30 doctoral students from a large number of different countries.

Database systems, Distributed Systems, Cognitive Computing, Intelligent Robots, Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction, Theoretical Computer Science, Language Processing, Optimization, Matrix Computations and High-performance Parallel Computing are the most important areas in which we are educating future researchers. Each doctoral student belongs to one of the departments' research groups, consisting of both doctoral students and senior researchers.

The third-cycle programmes are largely characterized by individuality and personal contact between the supervisors and the doctoral student. The programmes include a few courses which provide the basic skills required in order to become a successful researcher. Other courses, which are often individually adapted, focus on acquiring in-depth knowledge in the subject area of the thesis. All doctoral students in the area of Computing Science also take the course "Doctoral Training Days in Computing Science". Here, the doctoral students present their research projects and findings to one another and to the entire Department of Computing Science, twice per year.

However, doctoral studies consist first and foremost in conducting research together with a supervisor and others, which results in scientific articles and eventually a doctoral thesis. Most doctoral students are involved in externally financed international research projects. Doctoral students generally tend to present their scientific work at international conferences.

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New thesis

Intelligent algorithms can help reduce disruptions in online services

Intelligent algorithms can help reduce disruptions in online services

When the Swedish Tax Agency website went down for nearly two days, thousands of people across Sweden were left frustrated. Users of Gmail, Slack, Facebook, Apple services, and other popular services also regularly experience delays and this type of disruptions. Olumuyiwa Ibidunmoye has developed automated algorithms for troubleshooting to prevent prolonged delays or disruption in services hosted in cloud computing servers. Read more

Top Research News

Over 50 PhD Students learn to build autonomous clouds

Over 50 PhD Students learn to build autonomous clouds

On 11-12 May, Umeå University hosts 52 PhD students from all over Sweden during a 2-day course event in Umeå to learn about what are the current challenges in making clouds more effective, focusing on making clouds more autonomous. The event includes keynote speakers from Google and Burt, the latter being a Swedish company making great use of cloud resources. Read more

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