Doctoral studies in Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics, and Computational Science and Engineering

Research at the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics is mainly conducted in four research areas: computational science, discrete mathematics, mathematical modelling and analysis, and mathematical statistics. PhD studies can be undertaken in the third-cycle subjects of Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics, and Computational Science. We currently have around 20 doctoral students, about a third of which are internationally recruited.

In addition to the four research areas above, individual researchers are also working in complex analysis, mathematical analysis and mathematical didactics. 

If you are interested in graduate studies, a good first step is to write a Master thesis within the field of your interest. When you fulfil the general and specific entry requirements of our three PhD programs, specified in the general study plan, you may apply for the (around two) PhD positions the Department advertises every year. The positions are normally connected to a specific supervisor and research project.

Our PhD students are active in internationally competitive research groups where, under supervision, they learn how to conduct research and how to present research results both orally and in written form. The doctoral studies also include one up to two years of doctoral courses. Moreover, most of our PhD students attend at least one international conference every year, all in order to develop their abilities to become independent and successful researchers.

PhD students normally take part in joint departmental activities such as seminar series, and regular PhD meetings. The associate research environments Computational Life Science Clustser (CLiC), UMIT Research Lab and Integrated Science Lab (IceLab) offer additional activities. Some of our PhD students have their offices in these research environments, within which several successful researchers are affiliated.

If you are interested in PhD studies and research in our department, please visit our Department' s homepage for more information: www.math.umu.se/english/research

New thesis

Creative mathematical tasks contribute to deeper learning in mathematics

Creative mathematical tasks contribute to deeper learning in mathematics

Working with creative mathematical tasks is important for pupils both to reflect on mathematics as well as for their subsequent test results. Being faced with creative tasks during exercise has evident effects on all pupils, both on weak and high performers. This according to studies at Umeå University. Read more

Top Research News

SEK 7 million to research collaboration with AB Volvo and Volvo Cars

SEK 7 million to research collaboration with AB Volvo and Volvo Cars

Three Umeå-based researchers were assigned just over SEK 7 million from Vinnova in a joint investment together with AB Volvo and Volvo Cars to strengthen the Swedish automotive industry. The project encompasses the automation of quality inspections and repairs of surface-treated cabs and bodywork. An important tool in this work is statistical analysis of large quantities of real-time data. Read more

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