Courses and Programmes in English

At the Faculty of Science and Technology, we offer 23 Bachelor's programmes of which one is given in English and 14 Master's programmes in English.

• Undergraduate Programme in English:

Bachelor of Science in Life Science, 180 ECTS

• International Master's Programmes in English:

Advanced Product Design
Architecture and Urban Design
Computational Science and Engineering
Computing Science
Interaction Design
Molecular Biology
Plant and Forest Biotechnology
Robotics and Control
Transportation Design

Undergraduate Programmes given in Swedish:

Bachelor of Science Programmes, 180 ECTS:
• Biology and Earth Science
• Computing Science
Environmental Health
• Physics and Applied Mathematics

Pharmacy, 180 and 300 ECTS:
• Bachelor of Science programme in Pharmacy
• Master of Science programme in Pharmacy

University Diploma programmes, 120 ECTS:
• Nature Guiding
• Process operator

Bachelor or Arts Programmes, 180 ECTS:
• Industrial Design


Architecture, 300 ECTS
• Degree of Master of Architecture

Master of Science Programmes in Engineering, 300 ECTS:
• Engineering Biotechnology
• Bioresource Engineering
• Energy Engineering
• Engineering and Management
• Interaction Technology and Design Engineering
• Computing Science and Engineering
• Engineering Physics
• Engineering Chemistry
• Engineering, Common Entrance

Bachelor of Science Programmes in Engineering, 180 ECTS:
• Civil Engineering
• Computer and Electrical Engineering  – online
• Electrical Power Engineering – online
• Electronic and Computer
• Energy Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering

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